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The Miami Homeowner’s Guide to Common Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance Tips

Are you a Miami homeowner looking for tips and advice on how to best care for your air conditioner? You're in luck! In this blog post, we'll cover the basics of common AC repairs and maintenance that all Miami homeowners should know. Whether it's cleaning your air filter or preventing freezes from forming inside an evaporator coil, there are certain things every homeowner in South Florida can do to ensure their unit is running at peak efficiency. Let's dive right in and learn everything we need to know about keeping our AC performing its best now—and down the line!

Check and replace your air filter regularly.

The air filter is one of the essential parts of your air conditioning system, and it needs to be replaced regularly in order to keep your system running efficiently. Check your air filter every month, and replace it if it is dirty.

Keep your outdoor unit clean.

Your outdoor unit should always be kept clean and free of debris. Trim back any foliage growing around the unit, and ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow. If you have a window air conditioner, ensure the coils are clean and dust-free.

Schedule annual maintenance

Having your air conditioning system serviced by a professional annually is essential. This will help to keep your system running efficiently and prevent costly repairs down the road. During a maintenance visit, a technician will clean the coils, check the Freon level, and inspect all electrical components.

Know when to call a professional

There are some repairs that you should never attempt on your own, as they can be dangerous or may void your warranty. If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioner, contact a professional for help.
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